[Video] The Constitutional suspends the euro by prescription in Catalonia

The Constitutional Court has admitted the Government's appeal against the decision of the Catalan Generalitat to charge one euro per prescription and has suspended the application of the measure in a precautionary manner. The Executive appealed to the high court to understand that the rate violates the right to equality of Spaniards in the acquisition of pharmaceutical products.

For his part, the president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio González, said today that the application of the one euro fee per prescription is a measure that "remains in force" even though it has been suspended on a precautionary basis in Catalonia. Gonzalez has indicated that the collection of the euro for each prescription dispatched is a measure that helps rationalize spending and has given good results where it has been applied, specifically in Catalonia for six months. He added that the central government understands that this rate falls within the framework of its powers, which is why it has lodged the appeal before the Constitutional which has meant its automatic suspension in Catalonia, so now we must wait for the Court, who has not prejudged the substance of this issue, "pronounce yourself."