This sunflower for your garden will trap more solar energy for your home

The future of solar energy is still uncertain, but we cannot deny its possibilities given that technology is allowing design increasingly cheap and efficient panels. It is also possible to develop a kind of solar internet, as I explain here.

To this they add gadgets like the following one, which doesn't even need a complex installation: just plant the POP smartflower in your garden and you will start generating electricity. Like sunflowers, this device follows the solar path thanks to an astronomical control that always places it at an angle of 90º to the sun.

Depending on the region, according to its creators, the system provides between 3,400 and 6,200 kWh, once it has deployed its 18-square-meter petals, which means the coverage of the electricity demand of an average household.

In addition, aesthetically it is even decorative, although its price is still somewhat prohibitive: around 12,000 euros.