We have never seen a brain as complete as this after 100 hours of MRI

A 100 hour magnetic resonance It has captured the highest level of detail achieved so far a complete human brain thanks to a device recently approved by the US FDA.

What scan It has the resolution of detecting objects that are less than 0.1 millimeters wide. The scan shows brain structures such as the amygdala in great detail, an image that could lead us to a deeper understanding of how subtle changes in anatomy could be related to disorders such as post-traumatic stress.

7 Tesla

To obtain these images, researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston studied a brain of a 58-year-old woman who died of viral pneumonia. His donated brain, presumably healthy, was preserved and stored for almost three years.

For the exploration a new magnetic resonance machine called 7 Tesla or 7T. You can watch an example video below:

Researchers cannot get the same kind of resolution on the brains of living people. For starters, people could not tolerate a 100-hour scan. And even small movements, such as those that come from breathing and blood flow, could influence the images.

These detailed brain images may contain clues for researchers trying to identify hard-to-see brain abnormalities involved in various disorders. The images "have the potential to improve the understanding of the anatomy of the human brain in health and disease," the authors write.

Video: 100 micron MRI scan of the human brain (November 2019).