This is the Artemis logo, the program that will take astronauts back to the Moon in 2024

These days we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first trip to the Moon, thanks to the Apollo 11 mission, it led to Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin Y Michael collins to land on our natural satellite.

Many people believe that we have never returned to it. However, two things have to be pointed out about that: the first, there have been more astronauts who have gone to the Moon; the second: in 2024 we will return.


Charles 'Pete' Conrad Y Alan Bean They were in charge of stepping on the moon in the Apollo 12 mission, in November 1969. Alan Shepard Y Ed Michell He stepped on the lunar surface in January 1971, in the Apollo 14 mission, remembered for having had one of them more precise moon landings that are remembered. The Apollo 15 mission, which landed in July 1971, had as protagonists on the lunar surface a David scott Y James Irwin.

John young Y Charlie Duke they were the ninth and tenth man to walk on the Moon, in the Apollo 16 mission of April 16, 1972. Apollo 17, the last lunar mission, led the satellite surface to Gene Cernan already Harrison Schmitt.

Now, in 2024, another group of astronauts is willing to step on the moon thanks to the Artemis program, whose logo has been officially presented. As they explain, "using an" A "as the main visual and a path from Earth to the Moon, we honor everything that the Apollo program achieved."

Artemis, named for the twin sister of Apollo, who is also the Goddess of the Moon and hunting, encompasses all her efforts to return humans to the Moon. With Earth Blue, Rocket Red and Moon Silver for colors, each part of the identity has a meaning.

For example:

  • The A: The A symbolizes an arrowhead of the Artemis quiver and represents the launch.
  • The tip of Artemis's A points beyond the Moon and means that NASA's efforts on the Moon are not the conclusion, but the preparation for everything beyond.
  • The crescent of the Earth at the bottom shows the missions from the perspective of humanity.
  • The trajectory moves from left to right through the crossbar of the "A" opposite to that of Apollo.
  • The Moon is the next destination and a step for Mars.

Video: NASAs 2024 Artemis Moon Landing Mission Explained (November 2019).