This was the first thing he ate on the moon: bacon

After the epic moment, after Neil Armstrong took his first step on our natural satellite, we had to go back to the capsule and eat something. What can you eat to celebrate a milestone like that? With what to delight in another outside the Earth in a place where no one has been before?

The answer was bacon, bacon, a food that has a long history linked to the American space program.

Freeze dried bacon

As he explains Amy Shira Teitel, the pieces of bacon were among the foods stored in the lunar module. The first meal scheduled to eat on the moon consisted of diced bacon, peaches, cookies, pineapple juice and coffee. They ate the first meal in history on the Moon a little earlier than expected after landing in the Sea of ​​Tranquility.

According to Teitel, the bacon has a long history in the American space program, appearing at meals since the first Gemini missions. And from the beginning, it was a very popular menu item. So it's easy to imagine that Armstrong Y Aldrin They enjoyed this salty and dry delight in their first meal to the Moon.

But in recent years, things have changed at NASA. Although many improvements have been made to the food options for astronauts, Now there is one thing that is clearly no longer: The bacon.

Today, at the International Space Station, the closest astronauts have to the bacon is a freeze dried sausage pie that rehydrates with hot water.

Video: NASA Flew Bacon to the Moon (November 2019).