Books that inspire us: 'Causas natural', by Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara Ehrenreich, biologist and doctor in Cellular Immunology, had an epiphany when she had to undergo mammography and other certainly invasive diagnostic tests: Wasn't he so vigilant about his health that he could suffer a case of overdiagnosis?

Or even more: perhaps life was not trying to do all the things we want to live longer but to take advantage of the short period of time we are here to do more things we want?

Personal experiences

Mix of personal experiences and dissemination, the author has published Natural causes. How we kill ourselves for living longer. With a cerano style, we are presented with ideas that apparently appear to collide with allopathic or scientific medicine, but rather do so against the system in which we apply such medicine: at all costs, routinely, with the sole desire of Survive more and more years.

But, as much as we strive, according to the author, not everything is likely to fall under our control, not even our bodies or our minds. However, here we will not find practical advice on how to prolong life and face the end of it, but the attitude of rethinking the project of personal control of our health. That is, to determine again what portion of our existence we should devote to the project of living more, given that we all have more interesting things to do.

We can think of death with bitterness or resignation, as a tragic interruption of our life, and take all possible measures to postpone it. Or, being more realistic, we can think of life as an interruption of an eternity of personal non-existence, and take it as a brief opportunity to observe and interact with the living and always surprising world around us.

The book has inspired us in Xataka Science To write texts like this: Meditation is as useful as having a drink with a good friend.