Books that inspire us: 'The world is going much better than you think!' by Jacques Lecompte

Although the media usually highlight the half empty glass (and even empty it a little more than it is true to sell), fortunately there are more and more books that try to balance the faithful of the balance in all areas, from the environment to violence.

In the line of works like Factfulness, from Hans Roslingor In defense of the Enlightenment, from Steven Pinkerwe have this The world is going much better than you think!, from Jacques Lecomte.


He said Nelson Mandela: "I have discovered this secret: after having climbed to the top of this hill, all I have seen is that behind there are many more hills to climb." That is, Lecomte does not suggest that everything is done, but that we are on the right path and that we have done much more than we think.

There is less violence, there is more empathy, there is less pollution (percentage), there is less extreme poverty, there is more democracy ... and all that supports it with data and statistics. Because hope can be more inspiring than stressful speech. Too much bad news, paralyze:

Dismantling the most bleak ponostics, convinced that the best can come out of the worst and relying on the human capacity for goodness, opens up new possibilities that seemed unlikely, but are discovered as beneficial.

Therefore, the book has inspired us to write in Xataka science texts such as The Ozone Layer Hole is getting smaller and smaller.