The more popcorn, the worse the movie

Much of the economy of current film exhibitors is based not so much on the sale of tickets to watch a movie as popcorn and soda cubes, the price of which can even exceed that of the entrance itself.

And is that eating popcorn, candy or junk food in general while you're at the cinema can have its grace. Especially if the movie is bad or boring, as a 2015 study suggests: in that case, we eat more, instead of less.

M&M and electric shocks

If the participants of a test must always watch the same video clip for about an hour, about a minute and a half, the consumption of M&M doubles. You can also do the number of self-supplied electric shocks. As he explains Herring beck in his book To err is useful:

The reason for these hunger attacks is not to pursue the feeling of satistation by eating snacks or treats; rather, one wants to avoid the unpleasant sensation of boredom. Candies or chips are in no way an appetizing reward, but the only way to escape the psychic punishment of a soporific movie. You could also say that when someone is watching a movie and chews nonstop it is because history does not captivate him.

In that sense, an electric shock works the same: we prefer to inflict pain before getting bored: that is why, if participants are allowed to wait for fifteen minutes in a room and are given the option to choose between doing nothing or giving themselves electric shocks, according to this study, two out of three men and one in four women end up using the electric shock device.

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