Although we say the opposite, we always tend to like the same songs

In 2012, a group of researchers published a study that analyzed 464,411 recordings of popular music from around the world between 1955 and 2010, determining that the difference between new and old hits it did not consist of the presence of complex chord structures.

Actually, it was just changes in instrumentation that provided a fresh sound.


Because, deep down, we always listen to the same type of music. Especially if we talk about pop music. This does not mean that they sound the same, but that they have a very similar structure. A structure that is familiar and, therefore, attractive.

A good proof of this is the video 4 Chords, in which a musical comedy group, Axis of Awesome, play a handful of songs with the same four chords: I-V-vi-IV (in the key of C major, this progression is do-sol-la minor-fa).

As abounds in it Derek Thompson in his book Hits creators:

This chord progression is the backbone of dozens of classics, including old hits ("Let It Be" by the Beatles), karaoke pop ("Don't Stop Believin" by Journey), country ("Take Me Home Country Roads "by John Denver), arena rock (" Whit or Whitout You "by U2), cartoon musicals (" Can You Feel the Love Tonight "by The Lion King), acoustic pop (I'm Yours ", by Mraz), reagge (" No Woman, No Cry ", by Bob Marley) and modern dance pop (" Paparazzi ", by Lady Gaga).

Video: DAY6 "When you love someone그렇더라고요" MV (November 2019).