The fossils of this extinct penguin reveal that it was the size of a human being

The newly discovered animal, called "monster penguin" by the Canterbury Museum, is part of the gigantic wildlife that once inhabited New Zealand. Not in vain, It is one of the largest penguin species ever found, human size.

Water temperatures around New Zealand were ideal at that time, around 25 ° C, compared to the 8 ° C we have now.

Monster penguin

The new species, Crossvallia waiparensis, resembles another prehistoric giant penguin, Crossvallia Unienwillia, which was found in Antarctica in 2000, It measured up to 1.6 m and weighed 80 kg. It is believed that penguins became so large because large marine reptiles disappeared from the oceans, almost at the same time that dinosaurs disappeared.

Amateur paleontologist Leigh Love discovered the giant penguin bones in 2018, and they were analyzed by a team from the Canterbury Museum and the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.

The largest live penguin species is the emperor penguin, which measures 1.2 meters high.

Video: New Zealand Scientists Discover Fossilized Bones Of Human-Sized 'Monster Penguin'. TIME (November 2019).