Our aversion to bad flavors and the reason that Nintendo Switch games taste bad

Our aversion to certain odors or flavors is an evolutionary feature that keeps us safe from poisoning. The things we perceive as disgusting are usually the ones that are dangerous to our health. It is our way of not eating something rotten, for example: very bitter flavors usually associated with mold or rot.

For that same reason, the designers of the Nintento Switch They conceived games that tasted really bad.

Denatonium Benzoate

Nintendo Switch games come with tiny memory cards that look edible. In order to prevent children from putting them in their mouths, Nintento coated them with denatonium benzoate, a sure compound that is considered the most bitter substance in the world.

This chemical compound was discovered by chance in 1958, thanks to the scientist MacFarlan Smith. The Scotsman and his team were investigating local anesthetics when they discovered that denatonium could help end accidental poisoning. It was registered under the name of Bitrex.

Because of its terribly bitter and harmless health, it is used to prevent humans from ingesting other elements that can be toxic. Household products, antifreeze, shampoos, garden products ... and Nintendo games. Therefore, the product made small children not eat the cartridges, but has encouraged adults to lick them for fun. It is not the first time that Nintendo incorporates this substance in any of its products, but it has been in the Cartridges of the Switch in which it has decided to increase the amount so that they know really badly and cannot cause accidental drowning.

Denatonium is also frequently used in placebo samples that are used in clinical trials, so that the taste matches the bitterness of certain medications. And it is also added to some aerosol products to discourage abuse as an inhalant of volatile vapors.

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