This is the first robot priest in the world and you can tell him your sins

BlessU-2 He is the first priest in the world, although his appearance is not sober as that of a priest. If the user tells you his worries on the touch screen on his chest, the robot will reassure him with his words.

Robotic blessings come in five languages and are accompanied by arm gestures like those of a priest (in addition to a significant eyebrow movement, in the purest Disney style). His hands also light up, and his nose is flashing blue.

Robot interactions

BlessU-2 It was presented in 2017, in Germany, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation, in a small Lutheran church in Wittenberg. BlessU-2 is able to say "God bless you" in five languages ​​(German, English, French, Spanish and Polish), in addition to reciting biblical sections and printing them.

After asking in what language you want the service, the robot asks: "Do you want to be blessed by a male voice or a female voice?" After solving this question, ask again: "What kind of blessing do you want?" There are four types: "stimulus", "renewal", "accompaniment" and "verification", as read in the chest of the religious mechanic. They sound such that: "The Lord says: 'I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you.' Go in peace with God. Amen".

After pronouncing the religious message, the robot asks if you want to keep a memory of his words. If so, a section of your wide belly opens and ** in a drawer a small printer prints the blessing as if it were a purchase ticket **. The robot ends up giving him the blessing by reading one of the 40 excerpts from the Bible in his memory.

BlessU-2, built from parts generated by a 3D printer, a laptop, a small printer and the basic structure of an ATM.

It is a rather rough robot, almost an amusement park for children, but it is a step towards the robotization of certain services; and that explains a bit more how it is possible that, according to an April 2016 survey, 34% of British youth surveyed they would answer yes to that they would have a robot boyfriend whenever they looked and behaved like a person. Too bad that BlessU must keep his promise of celibacy.

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