The drone with the smallest camera has a mass of only 3 grams

The world's smallest camera drone is the DelFly Micro, developed by the Delft University of Technology, and has a mass of just 3.07 grams and is 10 centimeters long.

This type of drone is a MAV, of the English Micro Air Vehicle, a type of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) of very small size. The size of these small aircraft continues to shrink and it is expected to be able to perform MAVs of the size of insects.


He DelFly Micro With a wingspan of 10 cm and 3.07 grams it is the free-flying swing-wing MAV equipped with a camera and a smaller video transmitter in the world. It is fully adjustable with 3 controls for the accelerator, the rudder and the rudder. Given the limited power on board, the flight time of the DelFly Micro was about 2.3 minutes. Fly well indoors with the air conditioning off, and outdoors in very mild wind conditions.

However, there are swing wing MAVs smaller than the DelFly, but without having an integrated camera. This is the case of a 920 mg swing-wing MAV and a 60 mm wingspan, which is the smallest free-flying swing-wing aircraft in the world to date.


If we talk about flying robots, the smallest captive flying robot was created by the Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory, and is the RoboBee. This was the first controlled flight of a robot insect, in 2013. Each has a mass of only 0.1 grams, like a grain of sand, and its size is half a clipboard clip.

RoboBee It depends on the power supply and a guide computer for flying, so you still don't have autonomous flight. Its latest version can stick to the bottom of the leaves using static electricity, and even swim underwater.

Video: JJRC H73 Camera Drone is only 250 grams (November 2019).