Fighting air pollution with these artificial trees

All over the world, an estimated seven million people die from exposure to air pollution every year. Trees are excellent tools for cleaning the air of the atmosphere, but they have certain drawbacks: they need time and space to grow.

That could change thanks to this artificial tree which absorbs as much air pollution as 368 real trees.

Without competing with conventional trees

Designed by a new Mexican company, its metal structure uses microalgae to clean carbon dioxide and other air pollutants, returning pure oxygen to the environment.

Measuring 4.2 meters high and almost 3 meters wide, the device looks like a cross between a tree and a skyscraper, with a steel trunk that radiates ascending bands of concentric metal. His name is BioUrban and it usually costs about $ 50,000 per unit.

Each tree weighs approximately one ton and cleans both air and one hectare (2.5 acres) of forest, the equivalent of what they breathe 2,890 people in one day.

The company's goal is to help these cities achieve cleaner air in specific areas, such as those used by pedestrians, cyclists or the elderly.

Launched in 2016, BiomiTech has so far "planted" three trees: one in the city of Puebla, in central Mexico, where it is based; another in Colombia; and another in Panama.

He has a contract for two more in Turkey, and projects in progress to install them in Mexico City and Monterrey, in northern Mexico.

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