This was the first person who has managed to eat pizza in space

Pizzas is one of the most ubiquitous foods of American culture (even the Ninja Turtles consider it the cusp of food), but ironically the first person who has managed to eat pizza in space He was not an American astronaut, but Russian.

This person was Yuri Usachov, in 2001. After almost a year of research, a pizza was sent to the International Space Station with some special features: it arrived vacuum packed and was small enough to put in the oven of the Space Station.

Pizza Hut

In 2001, Yuri Usachov received a pizza specially created for him by the chain Pizza Hut, as part of a multi-million dollar advertising strategy. It measured 15 centimeters and was made with salami, tomato sauce and cheese. It is important to note that salami had to replace pepperoni for not having passed the 60-day test and became moldy.

Pizza is not part of the space menu because it molds at room temperature (In the International Space Station there are not even refrigerators for food). Another problem added are the crumbs resulting from eating a pizza, which can get into any site due to microgravity. Despite this, the ISS recently received the ingredients to prepare pizzas.

All in all, in 2016, the United States Army was preparing a pizza that can be stored at room temperature for up to three years. And the engineer Anjan Contractor got a grant from NASA worth about 92,000 euros to develop a prototype printer that astronauts could use in the not too distant future to create their own 3D pizzas.

Video: Sending Pizza to Outer Space (February 2020).