These are the images of the asteroid that "brushed" the Earth spread by ESA

Only one day after being discovered in the approach path by the Southern Observatory for the Research of Near-Earth Asteroids (SONEAR), on July 25, the 100-meter wide asteroid 2019 OK It passed 65,000 kilometers from Earth.

That was when two separate telescopes in the International Optical Scientific Network (ISON) took pictures of the space rock at the request of ESA.

2019 OK

With these observations, ESA asteroid experts were able to extract precise measurements of the position and movement of the rocky body.

In the diffused images of the asteroid, we can see the dark spot in the center of the image, it moves through a background of stars, which appear as faint stripes.

The surprise close approach of asteroid '2019 OK' illustrates need for more eyes on the sky☄️🔭
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- ESA Operations (@esaoperations) August 2, 2019

Asteroids of the size of 2019 OK are relatively common in the Solar System, but they hit the Earth on average only every 100,000 years. Traveling in a highly elliptical orbit that carries it into the orbit of Venus, andThis asteroid will not approach Earth again for at least 200 years.

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