This aquatic scrubber devours turtles and even snakes: the giant bed bug

According to a new study that collects decades of research, the Bedbugs or giant nipas they are reckless aquatic predators that are capable of zamparse ducks, turtles and even poisonous snakes.

There are about 150 known species. The larger ones, Lethocerus grandis and Lethocerus maximus, live in South America and can measure more than 10 centimeters.

Giant naipas

The research, published in March in the magazine Entomological Science, take a closer look at the ecology of giant water bugs.

The author of the study Shin-ya Ohba, associate professor of entomology at the University of Nagasaki, Japan, shows us in the following photo how a Kirkaldyia deyrolli, a predator of rice paddies and wetlands, devours a turtle. Using prey is within reach, predators slam the front legs and catch the creature with the other legs. Next, bed bugs bite their prey with a knife-like proboscis, and inject enzymes and possibly anesthetic chemicals.

The females of this species are so determined to find a mate that they eat the eggs of other females.

However, although we feel terrifying, the condition of superdators of these bedbugs implies that they are essential to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

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