One of the weirdest jellyfish we know is videotaped in the Pacific

It was discovered 50 years ago and there have only been a dozen meetings. Now we can see it in all its splendor in the following video.

It is undoubtedly one of the rarest jellyfish that have been identified: Deepstaria You can close the opening of your expansive bell in the form of a bag, trapping any prey that has floated inside.

Nautilus Live

Many questions related to their biology, distribution, diet, environmental tolerances and behavior remain unanswered.

Shot in the Pacific Ocean by a Nautilus Live robot, the meeting took place at 790 meters deep near the Baker & Howland Islands.

We can observe how a bright red isopod that resided in the bell of the sciphozoo. It is likely that this little crustacean consume jellyfish pieces while remaining hidden from predators.

The formal description of the species occurred 45 years ago, almost six years after its discovery, using a fragment of an accidentally captured specimen. Since then, only very limited samples have been obtained, mostly from fishing nets, and two copies of specimens in their natural environment.

Video: Magnapinna Squid Filmed at Drilling Site (February 2020).